Plymouth Auctioneering is an international art auction services provider.

For those interested in becoming part of the world-renowned art auction team, Plymouth Auctioneering accepts applications from all over the globe for art auction sales professionals. Individuals accepted to the Plymouth Auctioneering program will enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as traveling to some of the world’s most exotic locations, earning hands-on training in business management skills, maintaining regular contact with international travelers, and receiving a unique education in the history and importance of art. Plymouth Auctioneering offers highly competitive compensation, with Principal Art Auctioneers retaining the ability to earn six-figure salaries. Plymouth Auctioneering covers all living expenses for its art auction sales professionals, providing its contractors with a large measure of financial flexibility. Committed to maintaining a high standard of service among team members, Plymouth Auctioneering provides a comprehensive training program, featuring specialized sales, art, and public speaking workshops.

Interested applicants can submit a resume to Plymouth Auctioneering for screening, followed by interviews with qualified applicants. After completing the initial interview process, applicants will attend Park West Academy, an intensive 10-day onshore training program in Miami, Florida. Applicants who successfully complete training will earn the opportunity to enter the Associate Art Auctioneer program. Once aboard the ship, Associate Auctioneers will undergo a two to four months of paid training and an apprenticeship period, where they will work closely with a Principal Art Auctioneer to learn as much as possible about the business.

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